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GAV is distinct from other schools as it focuses on the all-round education and development of its students to inspire them to become responsible citizens.  It recognises the various talents and abilities of its students to achieve this noble end.

Besides emphasising on responsible citizenship, the school lays stress on learning and practicing sustainability goals such as reducing air pollution, renewable energy, waste management, water conservation, and recycling, which have emerged as critical concerns for the preservation of our environment and the survival of future generations.

Pradip Burman
Founder – Mobius Foundation

Chairperson (School Management Committee)


Dear Students and Parents, Welcome to Gyan Anant Vidyalaya. We intend to make our students future leaders and responsible citizens. It is our endeavour to inculcate values, knowledge, and sensitivity towards mother earth and all fellow human beings. Since its inception, Gyan Anant Vidyalaya has always combined academic excellence with practical knowledge to enable students to become global citizens. Our institution was formed by the service-oriented organization, Mobius Foundation, to develop and enhance a deep bond between mankind and nature, tradition and modernity, knowledge and working skills. As an established and highly esteemed institution, we maintain an excellent academic standard. However, we understand that discipline and cultural values are important aspects of grooming an individual and go hand in hand. The current environmental crises like global warming, pollution, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, depletion of resources- water and land are going to be a challenge for the future of our younger generation. Thus, we encourage our children to develop a deep understanding of these issues and to help regenerate the resources of nature, to develop an attitude of reducing carbon emission, to help achieve the goal of the global community of carbon neutrality. We also teach them to use modern technology with a sense of responsibility, commitment and for the larger welfare of mankind. As a chairperson of this institution, I solicit the full participation and cooperation of each student and parent to make it possible for us to transform these dreams into reality. We can do it, only if we do it together. We believe that the investment we put into our children today in terms of these values, goals, and understanding, will help them achieve greater heights and create a sustainable world where people and nature will coexist in perfect peace and harmony.

Indira Burman
Vice Chairperson (School Management Committee)


In my fifty years of working with and leading schools like Mayo College, Genesis Global School and in my experiences abroad, Gyan Anant Vidyalaya is a school which stands out due to its focus on environmentalism and efforts for a sustainable future. This is in addition to giving a robust academic and co-curricular education to its students. It is heartening to see that such an education is being provided to students of diverse backgrounds who are often economically impoverished. The need of such an education comes at a time when it is required most for our future. The world is at a tipping point and humanity’s only hope is education – a group of dedicated citizens of tomorrow who will work for this idea of global change whose time has come. The attention of the school to sports education is commendable and that will ensure the holistic development of every child. Their community service program encourages every child to think of their contribution to the society from a young age and will help them grow into responsible adults.

Mr. Pradip Burman, Ms. Indira Burman and the Mobius Foundation have a formidable reputation in the field of sustainability and caring for our planet. It is natural that the school being led by their beliefs will emulate the same. It is an honour to be associated with this project and I wish the Principal, faculty members, parents and students my warm wishes for their excellent future.

Pramod Sharma


“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for the opportunity when it comes”. Benjamin Disraeli perfectly elucidates the purpose of our actions and thoughts. It is after all, our decisions, actions and thoughts that mold us into the individuals that we are today.

India’s tradition and history has laid down the roots of education in the country. Our culture depends on a sound education to produce the best minds which are spread across the globe. Internationally, the world is going through major changes, but India is at a juncture where education is not an exception, but a necessity. Gyan Anant Vidyalaya firmly believes in an education that engages the head, heart and soul of its students. GAV is a beautiful intermingling of technology with nature where students learn in an environment that helps them grow in the most desirable of ways.

The extremely qualified faculty of GAV ensures the holistic development of children helping them to learn, grasp, grow and evolve. An enviable teacher-student ratio goes a long way in ensuring a fruitful academic experience. The school’s ultimate theme centers around sustainable development goals which are inculcated in students from the very inception of their school years.

Education is the key that facilitates our journey on this path to self-realisation. Through our well-developed curriculum, GAV, offers students a perfect opportunity to discover the power within themselves. The wide range of activities helps students develop motor, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of their personalities in the best possible way. Keeping in mind the upcoming global trends, we train students in languages, number skills, sciences and cultural arts. Armed with information for students to succeed in their lives, we also attempt to keep alive the wonder and thrill of discovering new frontiers of education.

The faculty and the School Management present a conscious effort to empower students in their understanding of the real world and train them to fight the battles that may come their way. We also aim to build individuals who are not only well informed, but those whose feet are firmly rooted in Indian tradition and culture. As a school community, we can collectively imbibe the traditions of the past and scale new heights through innovative and exciting ways in the future.

GAV believes in nurturing intellectual curiosity and academic potential in its students to make them responsible citizens of the 21st century. The School mission realizes the core values of sustainable living, co-existence and peace which are fundamental to creating a safer world for children and future generations to live in. Unless we do not impart a holistic education that focuses on sensible living and vocational learning, we cannot contribute towards giving back to the environment and curb the impending climate crisis.

Our school follows a clean and green approach, focusing more on the environment and giving its students an opportunity to learn and co-exist with nature.

Dr. Poonam Singh Minhas
Principal of Gyan Anant Vidyalaya

Featured Teachers

Our Faculty

Mr. Ankur Taliyaan
B.Ed, NIS Diploma
MS. Jyoti kapoor
Ms. Amarjeet Singh
B.C.A, M.C.A , B.Ed (pursuing)
Ms Kanchan Rana
M.SC (Maths), D.Eled
Ms Shikha Kapoor
BPT Bachelor's in Physiotherapy, B.Ed
Ms.Nidhi Bharti
B.A (History) , B.Ed
Ms Rakhee Sharma
M.A(Eng), B.Ed, M.A (History pursuing), UPTET (BOTH)
Ms pratiksha Mishra
B.A,NTT, B.Ed Pursuing
Rais Ahmad
BSc : IT & Maths M.Sc : Maths
Ms Shivani Sharma
B.A (Hons.) B.Ed Diploma in French
Ms Sonu Chaudhary
M.A. Hindi, M.A.Education, B.Ed, M.Ed, UPTET (BOTH)
Ms Heena Sharma
B.com, M.com, B.Ed, CTET
Mr. Brajesh Kumar
Graduation - Prabhakar in Vocal PG - Sangeet Markand (MA) in Vocal
Ms. Kashish Sabharwal
B.A , B.Ed
Ms.Yasmeen Nazir
Bachelor of Fine Arts Master of Design
Ms Videsh Chaudhary
Graduation - Kathak
Ms. Deepika Singh
B.Sc (Nursing) General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) B.Ed
Ms. Smeeti
B.A, P.T.T, YOGA, Diploma, 6 Months Diploma In French, Acc, Ass, Computers
Ms. Harshita Verma
B.A (Hons.), M.A. (Hons) B.Ed in Eng CTET
Ms. Twinkle Singhal
B.Ed, M.Sc Maths , B.Sc
Ms. Mani Singhal
B.Tech (CSE)

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