• Co-creating
    A Sustainable Future

  • Eco-friendly Education
    In Nature’s Lap

About Gyan Anant

Gyan Anant Vidyalaya addresses environmental issues by bringing awareness through education in rural areas.

A school is a place where new ideas germinate, develop roots and grow tall and sturdy. It is a unique space that covers the entire universe of knowledge. It is a place where creative minds converge, interact with each other and construct visions of new realities. Established notions of truth are challenged in the pursuit of knowledge. To be able to do all this, Gyan Anant Vidhyalaya has diverse in its design and organization, reflecting the unique historical and socio-cultural settings.

Chairman’s Message

Education is the key to all-round development. The Mobius Foundation is working towards the main objective of sustainable development. Gyan Anant Vidalaya (GAV) is being set up in the rural area of Hapur near Village Atrouli, which will have all the facilities of an urban school to fulfil the aspirations of the rural population. The School will be different from other schools, because its focus will be on all-round development of children, to make them into a responsible citizens. It will recognise that all the children have different talents/ability, which must be nurtured and the children will develop their talent to the fullest extent.

Besides the emphasis on responsible citizenship, the emphasis will also be laid on sustainability areas, such as Air Pollution, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Water Conservation and Re-cycling, which have become the prime concern for the preservation of our Eco-system and the survival of future generations.

Pradip Burman
Chairman of Mobius Foundation.

School Motto

शिक्षित व संरक्षित
Educate to Preserve

  • Vision
    To bring individuals, society, organization together as indispensable collaborators realizing a co-creative, sustainable and peaceful future.
  • Mission
    To transform the thoughts of students through education as the medium, where on its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy, sustainability.