Green Features

The campus has various green areas, dedicated gardens, organic vegetable kitchen garden, nakshatra garden of medicinal plants. Organic farming and vertical walls/terrace plantation in open spaces is practiced to help reduce the carbon footprint of the building by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air. The building structure is exposed to direct sunlight, has cross ventilation with entrance windows, and the rooms are kept airy.

Our Library

The library is one of the most important learning corners in any educational institution. Our school library is equipped with storybooks, reference books, periodicals, magazines, activity books, and newspapers based on the interests of the students and teachers. The library is updated keeping in mind the current trends and student/teacher preferences. The school proposes to initiate a fully digital library in the near future.


The school building surrounded by a lush green area designed with keeping flexibility in mind. The primary classes will have no fixed furnishing so that the spaces can be used as a multipurpose room to accommodate a number of children according to the need of the learning at any given time. It can be used for teaching subjects or co-curricular activities through interactive learning technologies. This flexibility will help to collaborate with the classes for team building exercises or as separate units. The classrooms have natural light and are equipped with smart classes and touch screen displays. Solar power energy is used in the school throughout the day to be an environmentally friendly campus.