Curriculum- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya

Curriculum Introduction

To bring together the traditions and ethos of India with modern technology in an environment where every child is an individual. Gyan Anant Vidyalaya (recognized school) is a day school that offers English medium, secular, co-educational education from classes Nursery to VIII. The school provides excellent facilities and the best education to its students. We make sure a quality atmosphere for students.

There is no better place for a child to appreciate the joys of nature and to become environmentally conscious. The view of the lush green forest from the School, an abundance of trees, and the chatter of a myriad variety of birds enhance the joy of learning. We believe that responding positively to the genuine needs of our students determines our success.

We provide a stimulating academic framework that emphasizes individual conscientiousness and respects individuality in its creative inference. The school curriculum not only facilitates seamless progress from formative years through schooling but also encourages students to be hands-on learners who scrutinize, fathom and engage in the world around them. It lays conscious effort towards inculcating non-cognitive skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, self-discipline, and ethical decision-making in tandem with technical abilities vital to excel in professional pursuits. Time table is finagled in such a way that the child grasps the concepts along with a balanced focus on co-curricular activities. Learners are sensitized about environmental issues through a direct curriculum of EVS and interlinking of subjects. We specifically focus on Sustainable Development Goals by engaging learners in different activities such as Plantation Drives, Cleanliness Campaigns, Social Work, Waste Management, Discussions, and Debates throughout the year. The curriculum of GAV focuses on developing an educational program and environment which nurtures our young learners who strive to be good citizens and distinguish themselves in all walks of life.

Best CBSE School in Atrauli- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya
Pre-primary curriculum (Nursery and KG)
  • At GAV, we follow a child-centric teaching-learning method where children of mixed age groups (3-6 years) come together to form healthy communities sparking spontaneous and harmonious interactions to develop and hone their fine motor skills. The learning environment of our school promotes freedom for children to explore their surroundings.
  • Children learn a lot by playing and interacting with each other. Their classrooms consist of several toys, swing sets, and colorful learning aids to help them get acclimated to their curriculum.
  • Learners are sensitized toward the environment and are encouraged to follow sustainable practices from the very beginning of their schooling.
  • Students are engaged in hands-on activities. We majorly focus on experiential learning.
  • A multi-sensory approach is followed as young students learn through their senses.
  • Keeping the individual needs of learners in mind the teacher-student ratio is 1:25.
Primary curriculum (1st to 5th)

At GAV, as learners transit through Primary School they are introduced progressively to the world of integrated knowledge while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core subjects (English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Science, and Social Science). We emphasize multidimensional learning.

  • From Class 1, our students are insinuated to the study of computers. We draw up our learners towards computer education from a young age as computer literacy is essential in the modern world.
  • We motivate our learners to do numerous projects in Environmental Science appreciating the History, Geography, and Cultural Diversity of our Earth.
  • Students have Physical Training classes to evolve their ability and fitness.
  • Art and Music classes in primary school create an awareness and appreciation of these creative forms. It energizes and relaxes the mind. The opportunity to hear and play different instruments builds good auditory and listening skills. It is also a strong motivator and means of self-expression.
  • Establishing worthwhile work habits, persistence, independence, time management and an appreciation of the value of learning begins early in the schooling process at GAV.
  • Students are motivated to take up group projects that promote teamwork.
  • At Gyan Anant Vidyalaya, community service is integral to the development and sensitization of students’ social consciences and their responsibility to the community. GAV is a “green school” and is intentionally involved in issues that are of concern to our environment.
Best CBSE School in Atrauli- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya
Best CBSE School in Atrauli- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya
Secondary curriculum (6th to 8th)

The Secondary curriculum offers a wide range of subjects and encourages high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum extends far beyond any textbook.

  • Implementation of modern pedagogy like self-evaluation for assessment, and use of visual organizers to bust misconceptions.
  • Children are taken on field trips, museums, excursions, science centres, and other places of interest.
  • Subjects taught are English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer, and Painting.
  • Compulsory community service in the form of visits to old age homes and orphanages.
  • Continuous evaluation through periodic tests in the structure followed by the CBSE.
  • Regular remedial classes.
  • Emphasis on developing life skills and moral values.
  • IT enhanced learning
  • At GAV, the Arts, Music, Dance, Drama, and Visual Arts are taught as an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Learners are encouraged to take part in all kinds of sports activities and any student who is especially inclined to any of the games is monitored and recommended for specialized training.
  • The training also includes the development of character, logical thinking, clarity of speech, the art of community living, cooperation, tolerance, sense of patriotism, and a sense of world citizenship.
  • The secondary curriculum also promotes Environment Education and awareness about sustainable development issues in school, particularly by engaging students from classes 1-8.

Beyond Curriculum


School clubs create small communities. They attract students who share the same interests such as in music, arts, or sports. Club activities help students develop a sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching the same goals. They help learners develop social skills. Clubs enable students to meet, mix, and collaborate with other students from different age groups. They are pushed outside of their comfort zone and encouraged to socialize with people they are not very familiar with. Though the first meetings and activities may seem awkward for them, they will soon form meaningful relationships and friendships, which is vital in the lives of adolescents. Students become more confident and independent. Gyan Anant Vidyalaya Clubs have a special feature as each club is based on any one or two SDGs and will work throughout the year on this concept to sensitize students about that particular SDG. The Clubs are as follows:


The house system was devised to promote team spirit and a sense of belonging to the school. This also enables the senior students of the school to provide care and direction to their junior schoolmates. The house system offers excellent opportunities for student leadership and peer group support. It allows for the promotion of students’ responsibility, “giving pupils the chance to learn and develop leadership skills is an outstanding benefit”. Pavak, Marut, Neer, and Vasudha are four houses in our school. Learners are motivated to participate in inter-house dance, debate, music, poetry, and creative writing competitions.

CBSE School in Atrauli- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya
CBSE School in Atrauli- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya
CBSE School in Atrauli- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya
CBSE School in Atrauli- Gyan Anant Vidyalaya


The academic session starts from April of every year till March. The examination process is divided into two terms.

  • Two Formative assessments (FA - 1 and FA-2) and followed by a Summative assessment SA-1 in the first term from the month of April to September.
  • Two Formative Assessments (FA-3 and FA-4) and followed by a Summative assessment SA-2 in the second term from the month of October to March.
  • Various activity tests are included in every Formative assessment.
  • The term exams have a distribution of marks in every field of education that helps the student to progress and nurture them. There are Reading skills, Writing skills, Speaking skills, and Listening skills assessments that help in the growth of a healthy mind and soul.
  • Skills like Pronunciation, Fluency, Comprehensive writing and Reading, Creativity, Vocabulary, and Grammar are the basics that helps the students to make their base strong.
  • Skills like Conversation, Communication, Recitation, and Comprehensive ability helps the students to move forward in the Practical world of Living.